Intercom / Paging System


Intercom/Paging System

DSR Technologies is an established provider in many intercom paging systems communications markets. Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Correctional intercom systems and for every need in between, DSR Audio has systems that can be used in all applications. Please contact us and allow us the privilege of helping you design your intercom system.

What is intercom, there are many different types of intercom systems available and these are used in many different, residential, commercial, and industrial intercom system applications. We carry many different intercom manufacturers; some of which make the best intercom system on the market. Some of these are: Valcom, AiPhone Intercom, M&S Systems, Linear, IntraSonic Technologies, Nutone Intercom, Tektone, Tek-Tone Intercom, Clearcom, Alpha Communications, Westinghouse, OnQ Legrand, Pantisonic, Bogen, Telex, Lee Dann, Cyrex Intercom, Comlit Intercom, Leviton Intercom, Samsung Intercom, Greyfox Intercom,

A home or business intercom intercommunication system can be much more than just an easy way to place calls around your facility. At a Intercom Cafe 2relatively low cost, you can have a paging system that includes a radio to provide music throughout the house. Also, you can enhance home security with a door release feature and a front-door speaker that allows you to talk with a visitor before opening the gate or door.

Installing an intercom system requires some knowledge but is a pretty simple project. Some newer intercom systems use battery-powered wireless modules to extend the system without running wires in walls.

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